Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The mainstream media has made it so obvious that they are in the tank for Obama. Why?

I believe the media feels like it is taking part in history, and it wants very badly to be part of it.

Even if it cost them their journalistic integrity.

Only 1 reporter was on the tarmac the other night in NewHampshire when John McCain arrived.
Really? Only 1 reporter needed to follow McCain.

Where is everyone else???? On Obama's plane. Touring the world with the our wannabe president. Why is Obama in Europe and the Middle East? They can't vote for him.

No, he wants the US and world to see how everyone loves him. The media has fake interviews and false footage that they constantly replay. Today I saw his royal highness step onto the basketball court ( pander alert ) in front of the troops in Afghanistan and take a shot. Swoosh! It goes right in. Oh, I am so sure that it only took one take for that. Right. And I can dunk it too.

Anyway, don't you see what is going on here? The media is tilting it's coverage to only focus on Obama. If you don't see McCain, then you will only think Obama. We used to rely on the media to keep people in line. Especially politicians. Not any more.

What, with Dan Rather, Chris Matthews, Keith Olberman ( not a journalist ), Wolf Blitzer, Katie Couric, Brian Williams, and countless other shills propping up this empty suit, - MCCain doesn't have a chance.

Any criticism by him will be portrayed by O's minions that McCain is racist. Sick.

So, when 51% of Americans think that the media is tilting its coverage towards the Messiah, then there is clearly bias present.

Why? Why does the media do this? Why do they not do their jobs right?

If someone in the media calls Barry O out on this, he chastises them and tells them how to ask him questions. He even has the audacity to do this before the question has even been asked.

So, it will be ObamaTV for the next 4 months and there is one reason why..............

BECAUSE WE SAID SO! - Sincerely, network news.

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