Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'll bet you.....

Back in March, my co workers and I were contemplating the possible rewards of signing Shaq to the Phoenix Suns. I remember telling the enthusiastic group of Suns fans that surrounded me, that no-way was the Big Diesel going to get it done in the valley of the sun. I said at that time, and later wrote in an email to them the following......

" Neither the Suns nor the Mavs will make it out of the first round this year. The NBA Finals will be between the Lakers and Celtics. The MVP of the NBA Finals will be Paul Pierce".

Yep. That is what I said. So, you can only imagine how smarty-pantsy I must have felt when the final results mirrorred my predictions.

I am the Great Prognosticator!

So, why do I bring this up?

I have a new prediction...........

Israel will attack Iran before the November election. ( Stipulation - Obama must be a good deal ahead in the polls).

Israel fears that if Obamamamaramalamadingdong becomes President, then no US action against Iran will occur.

Israel is quite certain that it cannot defeat the worlds Muslim population without the aid of the US. Since we have a policy of defending Israel, we will be forced into a conflict that Israel creates.

Now, honestly I don't have a problem with that. Iran needs a wakeup call in the form of a "shock and awe" campaign. The population of Iran is more aligned with Western ideals than the people who control the country are. Iran sucks, I could tell you non- stop how much that I dispise them for a few days straight and never repeat myself.

Iran see's itself as a leader in the region. Geopolitically posistioned upon a jackpot called crude oil, Iran thinks that it can put a stranglehold on 40% of the worlds petroleum reserves that enter and exit through the Strait of Hormuz. Technically, they could put up a blockade.

Problem is...... The US Navy is already there waiting for them to do this. If they do this, we will engage them.

Or at least I hope we do.

I have made many predictions in my life, most of them turn out to be wrong.
I pick my Dallas Cowboys to win the SB every year.
I once said that computers are just a "fad".
I once said that no way, no how, would the US population vote for a black man named B. Huessein Obama.

Anyway, irregardless of when, I think this is one you can count on.

In case you weren't aware. Israel attacked a site in Syria(Dec 2007) that was holding a massive collections of WMD's. ( Many experts think that these could be a large sample of what Saddam removed before weapons inspectors got there).

Did you hear about it on the news?????? NO!

Google - Israeli attack on Syrian nuclear site.

Israel will not wait for permission to protect itself.

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